Important Update: I am currently in the process of phasing out contract work as I seek a permanent position with a small local company. For more information as to how this will effect my availability, or for more information for companies interested in hiring me full time, please look here.



Phone: 901-384-4053

Clayton Ramsey

Professional Summary
  • Skilled professional with an extensive background in multiple technological disciplines, as well as significant management experience

  • A broad range of technology skills, combined with a talent for creative thinking and a highly analytical mindset allow a great level of flexibility in addressing all levels of technology needs

  • Very adaptive and skilled at problem solving

  • Capable of quickly learning new and unfamiliar technologies

  • Can apply wide spectrum of knowledge to the development of creative new solutions

  • Primary professional skills include software development, network management and security, database design and maintenance, 3D modeling and animation, web development, and graphics design

  • Proficient in most programming languages, operating systems, protocols, and applications

  • Possesses many other design, development, and engineering skills such as hardware design, robotics, mathematics, etc. which are often a basis for understanding new and evolving technologies



Professional Experience
10/01 Present  Contract Work Memphis, TN


Provide independent contract and consulting work across multiple technology fields to various clients in the Memphis, Tennessee area, including former employer, Martek USA.

Assisted in planning and execution of large-scale move of the Memphis Martek branch and several Memphis-based subsidiaries (Genigraphics, Inc. and Advanced Micro Imaging) to the new Nashville locations. Provided continuing service and support to local Martek customers on a contract basis.

Performed complete data migration of local doctor's office document management system. Designed custom process to extract data from legacy MI3MS system and convert all necessary data and image files to required format for import in to new system. Developed custom applications to interface with legacy system and perform batch operations on over 400,000 patient records and associated images. Installed new document management system and imported the converted data.

Provided additional assistance to many other small businesses - including network services, server application installation and management, as well as sales and consulting services (on a contract basis). 


10/98 10/01 Martek USA Memphis, TN

IT Manager

Managed and coordinated national IT team (Up to 6 people across offices in Memphis, Nashville, Little Rock, and Houston).

Functioned as Project Manager of all service bureau solutions sold to Martek USA customers. Designed a customized process for large customers in need of document management solutions tailored to their specific needs. Configured document scanning stations (running either MI3MS or PaperFlow software) and trained scanner operators, when necessary. Designed entire post-scanning and QC process to provide the most streamlined and cost-effective procedures, while insuring quality results.

Used Visual Basic and C programming languages to develop software for automated data and image processing, database conversion, and various other applications for internal company use. Applications were generally used to compile or format the deliverable product to meet a customer's specific requirements. Scanned documents were post-processed and converted to TIFF or PDF formats with applications developed using LeadTools components. Associated index information was then converted directly from SQL or Access databases or via ODBC data sources and reformatted to customer specifications (usually text files formatted for import to third-party applications). Also maintained and modified existing ASP scripts for order processing.

Designed and implemented LAN and WAN from the ground-up to provide high-bandwidth connectivity between offices in 4 cities. Used combination of Lucent and Cisco routers with point-to-point T1 connections from Memphis to Houston, Little Rock, and Nashville with RAS and VPN support for remote access. Network was powered by several Windows NT servers as well as some Windows 2000, with Windows 98 and ME workstations.

Provided primary technical support for additional companies purchased by Martek USA; Records Conversion of Houston, Genigraphics, Advanced Micro Imaging, XSVoice, and Carolina's Imaging (many of which had little or no internal IT support). Remote support was accomplished using a combination of verbal instruction and/or PCAnywhere remote management software.

Provided technical cost analysis and pricing of all technical jobs, to assist in determining viability and profitability.

Implemented and maintained various software products, including Microsoft Exchange, MAS 90 accounting software, Act! contact manager, PCAnywhere, IIS 4.0, Minolta MI3MS, and custom developed applications, to provide enterprise-level solutions to communication, security, data, internet, order processing and remote management needs.

Engaged potential customers and provided technical expertise for sales meetings, either as the primary sales representative, or as a technical liaison to the customer's IT department.


05/92 - 10/98 Infocomm  Memphis, TN


Managed business related to dial-up and internet online services, including software development (using C, C++ and VB) and sales (developed several multi-user interactive games as well as custom business applications for internet commerce), web development, hardware sales, and dial-up internet service provider (ISP) services. Was also systems operator for the company bulletin board system, which grew to become the largest in Memphis.




Skill Name Skill Level
Software Development  
Programming - .NET Framework Expert
Programming - ASP .NET Intermediate
Programming - C Expert
Programming - C++ Expert
Programming - C# Intermediate
Programming - Java Beginner
Programming - JavaScript Intermediate
Programming - Perl Beginner
Programming - Visual Basic Expert
Systems Administration  
Linux OS Administration Intermediate
Mac OS Administration Intermediate
Windows OS Administration Expert
Database Design/Development  
MS Access Database Design Expert
MS SQL Database Design Expert
Graphics & Web Design  
Graphics Design - General Skills Expert
3D Modeling & Animation Expert
Web Design (HTML/XHTML/CSS) Expert
Adobe Flash Design & Development Expert
Windows Network Administration Expert
Wide Area Networking Expert
Wireless Networking Expert
Network Security Expert
Misc. Skills  
Computer Troubleshooting (General) Expert
Electronics Engineering Intermediate



  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer for .NET (MCSD.NET) Early Achiever
  • Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .NET (MCAD .NET) Charter Member
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

MCP ID: 2944202


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