Important Update: I am currently in the process of phasing out contract work as I seek a permanent position with a small local company. For more information as to how this will effect my availability, or for more information for companies interested in hiring me full time, please look here.



            Clayton Ramsey is a seasoned professional with substantial experience in an extremely wide range of technologies. He finds the challenge of mastering new and unfamiliar skills to be extremely rewarding. As a result, he is always researching new fields and experimenting with the latest technologies available. Interested in far more than just marketable skills, Clayton has a background in such diverse areas as electronics engineering, software development, graphics design, laser technologies, and quantum computing. He also possesses a highly creative side which he expresses through visual arts as well as the creative implementation and design of new technologies.

             Clayton got his start with computers and technology in 1989 when, at age 13, he founded a small dial-up service in the Memphis, TN area. As the system grew – eventually becoming the city’s largest online service – Clayton was required to quickly adopt and use new skills, not only to keep the system running, but also to maintain a competitive edge. Soon he had mastered the basic hardware, software, and networking skills of the time and wanted to expand the capabilities of the computer software itself. He began by modifying the source code for the system to enhance and expand its abilities and was soon developing extensive software applications of his own.

             Through the online service, Clayton met Greg Spence and the two of them founded Infocomm, a small company focused primarily on the development of software for the Worldgroup server platform. Over the years Clayton wrote many add-on modules for the server, including several games and utilities which were sold to customers throughout the world. In addition, Clayton and Greg teamed up to provide custom add-ons to local Memphis companies looking to take advantage of the forthcoming internet revolution.

             As the Internet changed the way people connected to each other, online services began to see a dramatic decrease in popularity. Clayton strived to counter these effects by modernizing the online system – allowing it to function as a dial-up Internet service provider and web host. As Clayton added these new services his horizons broadened and he gained a much deeper understanding of the underlying technologies.  

             While the Internet continued to boom and his online service struggled to keep up, Clayton began to see the vast potential the Internet possessed. In 1997 he began working on several Internet related business ventures, including SellFast – an online marketplace, and AutoBase – an online database for buying and selling used cars. Through these dealings he was eventually recognized and hired as IT Manager for Martek USA, a newly formed business focusing primarily on electronic document management.

             Shortly after Clayton’s arrival, Martek USA went through a period of extremely rapid growth – opening branches in Nashville, Little Rock, and Houston as well as acquiring many other companies. It was during this time that Clayton truly recognized the usefulness of his previous experiences. Initially the only technician within the expanding company, Clayton found himself presented with a variety of different challenges on a daily basis. For example, he was in charge of designing and implementing the wide area network connecting the various offices, designing the company website, managing the various service bureau projects, developing custom data processing scripts, managing the local network, maintaining the email server, and providing technical support to Martek employees – just to name a few! Of course, as the company grew, more IT staff were added, and Clayton was given management responsibilities, as well. In addition, Clayton often found himself  being consulted in a variety of non-technical roles. Frequently he would assist in the pricing of jobs, and even performed many sales related functions.

             Eventually the rapid growth of the company took its toll on Martek’s financial stability. Clayton left the company just a few months before it declared bankruptcy. This, too, was considered to be a period of great opportunity by Clayton. By continuing to provide service to Martek’s previous clients on a contract basis, Clayton was provided the financial freedom and time to focus on pursuing many new technologies which he had an intellectual interest in, but had not been presented with an opportunity to study in his previous position. With his free time, Clayton had soon taught himself the basics of electronics engineering, quantum physics, advanced mathematics, and 3D modeling and animation techniques – vastly filling out his repertoire of science and technology skills and understanding.

             In the near future, Clayton looks forward to acquiring full time employment that provides him with the constant barrage of shifting technological challenges that allow him to continue to pursue a deeper understanding of today’s (and tomorrow’s) technologies. In addition, Clayton has plans to obtain a workshop, which will allow him to more easily experiment with the various sciences and technologies which continue to fascinate him.


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